August 22, 2011

That feeling was so overwhelming..

when i look back on my past days..
i regretted what i have become now..
that i have lost so many things as a result of my own mistakes..
looking at those happy smiles as compared to mine..
i can not denied that deep down in my heart i envied them..
not in the sense that i was not happy that they are
it was just that i was not as happy as they are
i wish to be happy like them..
i wish to smile like them..
i wish that i could be like them..
yes, i am not too late to repent..
neither too late to correct the mistakes that i've made..
Oh Allah.. alhamdulillah for all the guidance that You've shown me..
thank you for the mercy You've gave me..
i'll never got back what i'd lost
but i'll make sure i'll gain more from what was lost..
(ismazurina@5.48am GMT+8.00)

footnote: syukur, i am still in Ramadhan.. it's coming to en end.. and it makes me feels so sad that i have to leave it soon.. will i be able to see and to be in the next Ramadhan?? Only Allah knows.. i'll pray hard for it..

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