August 03, 2011

..Just Another Thought..

sometimes it comes to our life when we are completely vulnerable.. that is when every space in our thought will be negatively charges.. it is also called emotional breakdown where we felt and sense a lot of emotions until we are too confused which one to entertain first.. the feeling of guilt, frustration, hopelessness, paranoid uninvitedly came to our mind and messing it up..

sometimes we prefer to be alone for a while... just to clear things mingling in our mind.. we chose to be alone just to avoid throwing harsh words to other.. some people might need a shorter time, some might not..

"Happiness is as a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, my alight upon you."
Nathaniel Hawthorne 

whatever it is.. if you took it too long.. it won't be good either for you or peoples around you.. it means.. it is time for you to let it go.. find the freedom and also find the bliss that you've been missing all this while.. it is time for your face to be beautify by the smiles...

footnote: L.I.F.E... some are simple, some are tough, and some might be in between.. as LIFE goes on, you'll experience all of it.. it just make you become a better person.. that's all..

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