January 14, 2013

the three words

i miss you,
you might be bored with me saying this to you every time and in every way.
but just listen to it and please do understand that i really meant this for you. none others..
it's you, your passions, your calm..
sometimes, i woke up at night and tears running down my cheeks and that's when i realized that i really miss you..

i need you,
i really do.. in every seconds and in every breath..
i need you to share my happiness
i need you to share my tears..
i need you now and then, today, tomorrow and forever..

i want you,
it was just the other three words i want to say
i want you to be the one i see when i wake up from sleep every morning
i want you to be forever mine and i'll be forever yours

i love you,
these words were made especially for you
although time has flies by, but i still feel the same as the first time we've met
falling head over heels on you over and over again..
these are the words that i'll never forget to say to you
cause it comes from the deepest part of my heart..

footnote: O.o missing someone after finished typing this post.. huhu

January 01, 2013


bila dah kerja ni rindu sangat zaman belajar.. dulu tak perlu nak fikir apa-apa.. just belajar je.. tiap kali new sem duit jpa masuk enjoy.. bila dah kerja ni rasa menyesal pula sebab masa belajar dulu tak enjoy betul-betul.. hehehe..
hari ni is post call.. maksudnya hari selepas oncall.. dah takdir kena kerja malam new year.. tapi malam tadi tak ramai baby yang delivered.. orang sambut new year pergi tengok bunga api.. is sambut baby je malam new year.. hehehe.. tapi is suka.. watching those babies.. they are so cute... 
kadang-kadang tak sabar nak ada baby sendiri... kalau tak baby dalam rahim sendiri pun nak baby orang lain.. maksud is, is nak ambil anak angkat... insyaAllah.. kalau is tak kawin lagi by end of this year, is nak ambil anak angkat.. nak bela yang dari baby... agak-agak family is setuju tak??

notakaki: langit tak selalunya cerah.. kadang kali bumi terpaksa di basahi hujan... itulah gunanya pelangi mewarnai kehidupan..