June 06, 2011

the thought of yours..

i woke up early this morning..
i took a walk and it's still dawn
i found myself alone.. all on my own
it didn't scare me..
as the thought of yours embraced my fear
and calmed my soul..
it's cold this morning..
i could feel the breezes that touched my skin..
it's cold on the outside..
but in my heart it felt so warm and tender...
i wondered why?
i kept on walking though i had no where to go..
i just let the foot to function on their own without a thinking mind to guide them both..
i didn't want my mind to get distracted
just because the thought of yours is so overwhelming..
suddenly.. the rain falls..
i let myself wet..
i seemed to enjoy it as it makes my thought of yours getting more intense..
the rain.. it didn't last long and it stopped
suddenly i felt alone again..
i stopped walking..
i looked around me...
all that i saw was your face...
your face when you smile, when you're sad, when you're thinking something
your smile... for me... it was a miracle..
it has power that heals my broken soul..
i stayed there.. for a very long time..
i didn't know how long..
you do remember the place didn't you?
it is our place..
it's getting late
i need to go back...
i started to move both my legs
and step by step i left that place...
our place.. as it holds so many memory between you and me
as my step coming to  an end...
i was hoping you are there.. 
with a smile on your face..
and with words that you never forget to mention every single day
is that.. 'i love you'..

notakaki: ade cerita di sebalik cerita di atas... tetbe rse mcm nk wat short story... hehehe... ok x??? agak2 aku ley x wat novel sendiri?? ahahahaha.. berangan je...

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