June 04, 2011

i'm sorry that i love you..

i'm sorry that i love you..
i don't remember when i started to love you
i guess i've love you all this while
i don't know how to love a person
until i met you,
being with you i don't need to pretend,
i just being myself when you're around..
i'm sorry that i love you...
why did loving you taste so sweet?
it's like a sweet drug that makes me an addict..
which makes me craves for it,
and soon i develop tolerance which makes me wants more..
if loving you is such a crime
i would like to be your prisoner forever..
i'm sorry that i love you so much..
and when every time i say i hate you..
i began to love you more..
i hate myself for loving you so much
and i hate it more when i don't have any regret about it..
and... i'm so sorry that i love you..
i had been hold on to you too long..
i guess my heart just won't let you go..
oh.. how i wish to love you forever..
is it too much to ask for?


notakaki: malam2 jiwang plak ye... hehehe... layan je la... rasa2 aku cilok ayat ni ke or aku reka sendiri??? i wonder.. hmmm... :)

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