July 28, 2011

a tiring day.. :(

sorry yesterday i didn't post anything to my dearie bloggie.. hihi.. it was just simply because yesterday i was busy reading someone's else blog.. recently, interested in the politics.. hehehe... so i do some reading both from the government side and also from the opposition party.. just to open my eyes for the coming elections.. now i know which side to choose..
really tired for this past 2 days.. tired of doing nothing.. hahaha.. today i went 3hours for evening nap.. i nearly missed my Asar prayer.. huhu... i completely blackout on the bed.. syukur, i still have time to perform the prayer even at the very last moment..
malaysia vs singapore today.. as a very patriotic malaysian citizen of course i will always support my country.. lose or win it doesn't really matters right?? it is part and parcel of a game... one team has to lose in order to declare the winner.. unfortunately, i can not go and watch the match myself.. :( no money and no transport as well.. what to do? just watch from the television.. which i also don't have.. huwaaaaa..... :(

yesterday night, i ate a lot of durian.. 'RM9/person and eat all you can'.. i was really like intoxicated by durian today.. i smell like durian, my breathe, my sweat also smell like durian... =( i can't even think properly today as the durian's smell really a bothersome.. hahahaha.. troubles that i had to face after eating binges of durian...

footnote: thank you to all friends and loved one who patiently try to humour me.. despite the fact that i'm not very happy lately...thanks a lot ya.. 

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