July 10, 2011

missing you.. T_T

have you ever asked yourself how can you miss somebody when you just met him a while ago? you just hope that he's there all the time.. soothing you with his thoughtful words.. 

where are you?? i miss you...
have you ever try to understand your partner when at one time he will not be there for you? even to answer your phone call or to reply your messages.. he might have thousands reason to not answering your calls.. it's just he can not find a way to tell you.. 

sometimes you think you've waited too long for his returns that you can not wait much longer.. that you understand but you don't really want to care any more.. 

i've waited your calls since..........




you're getting tired thinking that you're the only one who wants this relationship to work out.. tired of being the only one who care.. actually you're mad not because of the call he didn't answer nor the messages that he didn't reply.. you just miss the sweetness of your relationship..

why didn't it taste sweet like before?

you just longing to hear those words...........

i really miss you, i don't want to lose you..
i think of you each time my heart beats..

footnote: i just happen to miss someone so badly... but i don't know how to tell him.. :(


rosatikahahmad said...

jiwang plak minah ni mlm2 ni??
ko rindu sape ni weh??
aku sentiasa di sisi ko..

iSmaZuRina said...

rindu kawan geli2.. :)
aku ske plak si robot kotak ni.. comel... hehe

don_apis said...


iSmaZuRina said...

ee... perasan je apis..

Mohd. Najib Bin Halil said...

jiwang karat boleh tahan ni...

iSmaZuRina said...

hehe.. bukan boleh tahan.. tapi mantap.. :)

don_apis said...


dhiera said...

comel la katun kotak ni..
rindu sape tu??

salam perkenalan!