July 08, 2011

something is wrong somewhere !

too often i have this feeling.. which is the feeling of something is not quite right.. and most of the time i know that there's a reason for it.. to avoid that feeling is to find the source of it and understand why it happens..
however, it was not as easy as some might thought it would be..
all that i can do is trust my instinct..

'Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere.'
Brian Koslow

i'm going to trust myself in every judgement i make.. be truthful to myself.. no more lies.. just speak out.. be more honest to myself!!

notakaki: credit to tumblr for the picture.. when nothing goes right, go left :)


rosatikahahmad said...

kan aku dh ckp kt tumblr byk gambar cantek2..

iSmaZuRina said...

tq ros... :)