July 19, 2011

heal my heart!

have you ever felt so lonely but yet you just want to stay alone? you thought that you could stay strong and fight the world on your own..  sometimes you thought that you don't want any help just because you don't want to burden others.. in reality, you do need some encouragement just enough for you to move on.. 

..The single hand that wipes your tears
during your failures
is much better 
than the countless hand
that come together to clap on your success..

you just need those comforting words came from those who cares.. you don't seek sympathy neither you seek  for attention.. despite of sharing with others what you're facing with, you rather to keep it to yourself.. you just want others to understand that you were broken momentarily.. you need some space for you, a clear air for you to breathe.. 

belief me.. you are perfectly well.. keep telling yourself that you're extremely a strong hearted person.. deep down you know you can overcome what ever obstacles that passes you.. because that's what you are... 

When Allah (God) creates you,
He chooses the most matured ovum from your mother,
and the strongest and perfectly well sperm from your father,
so, when ever you felt so weak..
just know that 
you are
strongest and most matured
and you are perfectly well in everything you do

eat well, smile often, live life to the fullest.. and keep moving forward..

when one door of happiness closes,
another opens,
but often we look so long at the closed door,
that we do not see the one which has opened for us..
(Hellen Keller)

footnote: Often we ask ourselves why am i different from others?? the answer is.. why do you have to be like others?? :)

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