July 04, 2011

Procrastination is not good at all T.T

i do blame myself for what happen today.. but.. can i blame others as well?? maybe i haven't tried good enough.. although bad things do happen today.. but i do learn a lot to.. mainly, just don't easily put trust to other, hoping for someone to do something for u is useless.. it would be best for me to do it alone... at least i have done my part.. and at least i have been responsible for the task that i have received.. i also learn that if i ever make mistakes.. i should carry the burden myself.. not burdened others just to cover the mistakes that i've made.. i learn that honest is sweet.. last but never the least.. i know that there are more to learn actually... the next penalty was just a doorstep away.. hoping and dreaming about it won't do any good when no effort was put into it.. let's start today!!!

notakaki: stop being selfish la isma oi... selfish is scary... huhu T.T

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