February 02, 2012

sadness and joy..

It felt like it happened yesterday... my cheeks were still wet of tears.. my heart were still hurt too much, it felt that i'm about to crash.. earlier they said.. time will pass by and sooner or later you won't think about it anymore.. but why until this time do i have such feeling? 
Sometimes, somewhere I kept thinking.. Will my life have a happy ending likes in fairy tales.. does '.. and they live happily ever after..' do exist?? it's not jealousy watching other people smiles when i'm not.. and neither mad when others have found what they want when i'm still searching for one..
am i too greed? or maybe it's about time that i should make a move and never look back on my past.. maybe i should let go one that love for everyone happiness.. 

footnotes: the walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy


rosatikahahmad said...

isma..aku dtg mngomen ni..
jgn sedih2 tau!!
aku pun sedih bile ko sedih

kuatkan semangat n doa banyak2 agar ape yg ko nak tu dapat..
tapi tak semestinya ape yg kite nak tu adalah yg terbaik tuk kite..
rasenye ko yg pernah ckp kt aku mcm ni kan..?

same2 doa supaya kite dpt yg terbaik..
''redha itu ikhlas,,pasrah itu menyerah..''
haha..tetibe je kn..

Nong Andy said...

if you think u r happy.. u'll be happy. but if u think u r sad.. u'll be sad..

so think that u r happy.. wish u r happy.. so, it will be finaly haapy. look around u.. there r lot of poor people.. life is so suck! but.. they can reach the happiness in thier way.. so should u :)

hehehe.. nak juga ckp omputih akak ni kan.. hehehe. takde maknanya :) ckp byk.. tapi kalau kena btg hidung sendiri..

Doktor Isma yang cantik.. senyumlah selalu. tambah cantik bila tersenyum :)