March 12, 2011

hOw tO lose weight!!!!

i've lost 11kg for this past 1 year... believe me.. it was not easy... now.. i just maintain my current weight... actually i still have the thought to lower it down some more... this is what i done

1. eat whatever u want but make sure your expenses for foods is no more than RM5/day... hehehe... believe me.. if you eat more than this you are definitely has taken more intake than your calorie consumption... this is only available for those who eat outside... (like me..>.<) u get to lose weight and u can save your money too right!!!

2. go joging and do more cardio exercise like swimming... for those who had no money to have personal trainer and go to the gym... this won't cause u any money.. i just went for slow jog but i go with long distance and long duration... sometimes i spent more than an hour to jog in the evening and spent another 2 hour for swimming in the night... CRAZY right??? nope... if you are determine to do it... u definitely CAN do it...

ok... let's look at me in back then... how do i look like during that time... note the date of the pic taken below the pic

seriously.. i don't want to go back to this moment ever again... i do miss the memory... but i can not forget the humiliation that i get.. it's hurt when people talk about your figure...
 ok.. what's the other tips.. 

3. choose your food... during that time i rarely took chicken and red meat... i prefer to eat fish... yes.. it's true that chicken is a white meat so.. it contains less fat that the red meat... but fish contains lower than that.. but it still follow rule no 1...

4. take half from your usual diet... and make it lesser when you're already comfortable with it... but make sure u eat... u still need energy for your daily activity... do check your calorie consumption per day.. but believe me.. it's so difficult to follow... so.. i do it my way... hehehe

this is really crazy... i end up with eat whole meal once/day... and it's only cost me RM2.50-RM4.00 per day..

5. do REWARD yourself!!!!! but NEVER reward yourself with food OKAY!!!! go shopping... buy out sexy outfit... only now u can wear them right... (p/s but sexy is still for indoors ok!!!! never go outside 'half naked'.. well u do know what i meant right!!) buy new cute casual outfit... from XL to M size.. or maybe to S size... or just reward yourself with something that make u happy.. 

ok guys... good luck... let take a look at me now... just scroll2...  =)

just believe in yourself... u can do it!!!!!
u also can take a lot of pic just like me... and u'll be satisfied to look the pic all over again!!!! i want to lose some more... how about we do it together!!!


Hidayah Juta said...

good job, fren :D

iSmaZuRina said...

tq juta ria... hehe :)

Hidayah Juta said...

aku plak nak naikkan weight. yelah kurus kering pon org mengata jugak.. something like "i can not forget the humiliation that i get.. it's hurt when people talk about your figure..."

haha tapi aku disiplin mcm ekau..

iSmaZuRina said...

biasela... org ni ade je xpuas hati... gemok pun salah kurus pun salah.. haha
papepun yg penting kte hepi... ko disiplin cam aku tmbh kering la... kne mkn seimbang je... mkn lbey pun xbgus jugak..