April 04, 2011


WE ARE NOT FRIEND ANYMORE!! I NEVER REMEMBER WE DOES.. i thank Allah... who once again open my eyes... when i'm completely scrutinized to the end of my life, i realize that i don't really have FRIEND... FRIEND??? that is what they used to say... in a reality, they don't exist.. do they???
once again, i realize that i am alone in this world... if i fall... i have to get up on my own feet.. i have no hands to help me getting up, to hold my hand when i'm about to fall... believes me... i have never met a person who deserved to be call as FRIEND!!
this is the FACT about friend:

1. they are always there when you want to take them out for leisures
2. they play nice in front of you but they bad mouthed behind you.
3. they always ruin your sleeps just to tell you how happy they was just to make you jealous
4. when you're sad.. either they stay silent because they don't know what to say or they are happy that you're sad..
5. they always give u supports.. but the truth is they are just playing nice
6. they always keep yourself miserable just to ruin your day..
7. they lied to u, they think that u'll be happier if u don't know the truth

i don't really need FRIEND if this is what u gave me... i just need to be with myself, my family.. with ALLAH... I DON'T NEED YOU!!

nota kaki: aku tau xde spe bce blog aku... ni je cre aku luahkan geram...

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