October 30, 2010


why did i merely MISPLACED all my important things?? tried so hard to find them back... most of them lost.. i can no longer see them.. =( sometimes i got really stressed out as i keep on thinking where did i put those thing or when did i last saw them??

why did  i LOST INTEREST to things i love to do before??? maybe i've been hold on to it too long.. but the thing is i must do it no matter i enjoy it or not... why did i lost my confidence?? i think i've done the same thing for the past 5 years.. by right i should be more confidence by now.. but why did i lost it?? totally can not understand why...

why did i STRUGGLE myself to PUT DOWN MORE WEIGHT when i've already lost 10kg for the past 1 year? my mom said i'm gorgeous the way i am now but i keep on saying that i'm not there yet... i seem to enjoy looking at my weight decrement.. =) plus i think i got jealous looking someone had no difficulty in choosing their cloth as most of the time, cute cloth always come in small size.. eventhough the cutting said L or XL, it was still made for those small small people.. huhu (i still had problem though!! =( but not as difficult as before =) ) 

why did i eat less food these days.. i do feel hungry but i just can not eat much.. i easily achieve satiety.. but i did not lose WEIGHT!!!! huhuhu... 

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